Brilliance comes in the most unlikely package and in this original series that package is Roby Chapman. Filled with crazy knowledge, hacks, and how to’s, Roby shows DIY’ers the hidden secrets to building the most effective grow rooms and maximize production, whatever your budget, whether you have $5 to grow, or $5000.

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Mold issues and how to beat them

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Nutrient Burn

Are the tips of your leaves yellow and burnt…could be a sign of nutrient deficiency. Roby shows you what to do.

Phosphorus Deficiency

Roby shows how to control the phosphorus levels of your grow to prevent leaves for yellowing, drying and turning purple.

Calcium Deficiency

Do the leave on your plant have a burnt speckled pattern on them, if so you don't want to miss this episode!

Magnesium Deficiency

Learn the techniques of proper magnesium absorption to prevent your plants from looking like a yellow zebra!

Nitrogen Deficiency

What causes your leaves to dry and yellow, this episode explains it all.

Cold Dumping

Roby explains how to grow your plants thicker and fuller with this little known secret - Cold Dumping.

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