With so many vaporizers in the marketplace, its hard to know what product is good. TheFarmacy.co brings you the top vaporizer reviewers on the planet to review the latest and greatest, so you’re armed with the info you need before spending your precious dollars. This is TheFarmacy.co’s best in Vape Reviews.

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Atmos Jump

The Atmos Jump is a single temperature entry level vaporizer. It's super discreet design and small chamber size makes this a perfect vaporizer for those new to the scene.

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VapeDynamics V-Nail

The V-Nail from VapeDynamics is a concentrate accessory that works with any 510 threaded device. Now you can have the power of a home rig with the versatility and convenience of a portable.

Infinity Blunt

The Infinity Blunt is not a vaporizer, rather it is a new and innovative way to smoke your herb while cutting down on the carcinogens introduced from rolling papers and blunt wraps.

Magnum 2

The Puri5 Magnum 2 is a super slick cigar style dry herb vaporizer that features a huge ceramic bowl, glass mouthpiece and a removable and replaceable battery.


The Astral by Vapeur is no longer available but check out this review we did almost a year ago! Wow! Okay, for real - The Astral by Vapeur is a condition based vaporizer with three preset temperature settings and an ultra fast heat up time.

Déjà Vu

The Deja Vu from Puri5 is a stylish dry herb vaporizer that looks like an e-cig box mod, has to the degree temperature settings, isolated airpath and comes with its own watertool accessory.

Avaitor 2

The Aviator 2 from Puri5 proves that big things come in small packages! This tiny little vaporizer creates big clouds and big smiles whenever it's pulled out and preforms as well as vaporizers twice the price!


The APX vaporizer is one of the top entry level vaporizers on the market today. With five preset temperature settings, super light weight construction and a 40 second heat up time, the APX is sure to please.

The Duo

Finally, the Duo is a vaporizer that does it all! One one side there's a ceramic conduction based vaporizing chamber and on the other a 510 threaded accessory port that works with virtually any concentrate and e-juice attachment on the market!

The Focusvape Pro

The Focusvape Pro is a study in refinement with its brass finishes, digital display and faux-leatherette casing, this is the perfect vaporizer to take with you to any formal occasion.


The VapeDynamics Laguna is an all time favorite for people new to the vape scene. This super sleek cigar style vaporizer features a stainless steel chamber and an ultra fast heat up time!


The Torch, or the Atmos Pillar as it's now known, is a pocket sized conduction based dry herb vape pen that delivers big clouds!


The IO from VapeDynamics is a dedicated waxpen for all you concentrate enthusiasts! Super simple to use with just one button and built to last, the IO is a super sturdy unit that will have you blowing clouds for days!


The Odin is a conduction based vaporizer from Top Bond that is being heralded as one of the top units for new users.

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